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Kitchen Grease Filter Exchange

Don't just get surface cleaning for your filter. AAA Restaurant Fire Control Inc. in Warwick, Rhode Island, provides a grease filter exchange, swapping your greasy filters for a thoroughly cleaned replacement that allows proper airflow and fire safety.
Overhead - Grease Filter Exchange

Replace That Filthy Filter

When it comes to preventing commercial kitchen fires, no one should skimp on quality. Let us exchange your greasy filters with a set of our grease-free filters. Available in galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel varieties, our filters are thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

Scheduled Service

Let us take the hassle out of cleaning your filters by setting up a cleaning schedule that works for you. We regularly swap your filters with ones that have been cleaned—inside and out—in our specially designed soak tanks. With our commitment to service, we ensure your exhaust system always has proper airflow and that you are operating with fire-safe filters.

Ventilation Upkeep

In addition to our filter exchange, we provide direct filter and hinge kit sales. Should your fan belts need replacement, let us know and we can handle the job for you as well.
Contact us to establish a consistent fire-safety routine through our grease filter exchange.